What’s Happening?

The President’s hardline immigration policies are categorically exclusionist and viewed by many as xenophobic. We believe that a rational immigration policy, with a focus both on national security and compassion for hard working immigrants is not only key to the economic and cultural thriving of this nation, founded by immigrants, and to keep “the American dream” alive for everyone.

The Issues




The Trump administration’s stance on Dreamers has become unclear over the course of the campaign and presidency. As said by Nora Preciado, a staff attorney with the National Immigration Law Center, “[DACA recipients] came forward, they filed paperwork, they got their background checks done, they paid their fees and in exchange, the government promised them that they did not have to fear deportation..”

With the administration’s hardline immigration policy, and deportation of at least one DACA recipient, that promise seems to be now broken.

The Wall



The “Build that Wall” slogan, bandied about throughout the presidential campaign incited hatred and xenophobic behavior that was thought to be acceptable. This predominantly anti Mexico and Latino stance continues today and goes against the core American values. We live today in a world where citizens, immigrants or not, should not be judged by the color of their skin, or their country of origin.

Travel Ban



Trump’s travel ban in it first and second forms is unacceptable. Banning people from 6 predominantly muslim countries from entering the country, has led to widespread resistance. The manner in which the ban was implemented and the precedent it sets in terms of the way immigrants are treated says infinite.

As many other concerned citizens, we believe the blanket entry ban on these majority-Muslim countries will have a negative effect in the economy and innovation, will impact vulnerable refugees and immigrants and will lead to further divisiveness in our culture. We believe there is a great opportunity to show the current administration and people all over the world that inclusion, equality and love for each other because of our differences, not in spite of them, are still true American values that will triumph.