What’s Happening?

Environmental protections, constructed through decades of bipartisan cooperation are in danger.  President Trump’s executive order “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth”, takes a hammer to the actions President Obama took to fight climate change. It directs the EPA to review Obama’s Clean Power Plan, get rid of the moratorium on coal mining on US federal lands and asks federal agencies to “identify all regulations, all rules, all policies … that serve as obstacles and impediments to American energy independence,” including those regulations aimed at addressing climate change.

Also, the administration has signed an order that orders a review of Obama-era bans on offshore and gas drilling in parts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. The order also halts the designation or expansion of National Marine Sanctuaries, unless they include an Interior Department estimate of the area’s energy or mineral resource potential.

With these policies the administration has made it very clear protecting natural ecosystems and limiting CO2 emissions to slow down global warming are not in their priorities. That oil money trumps protecting land and marine ecosystems. This has the potential of being the most important fight for the next 4 years. 

The Issues

Climate Change



Trump’s idea that Climate Change is tantamount to “fake news” is both dangerous and refuted by 98% of scientists that are considered experts in the matter. The lives of future generations, our ecosystems and our planet’s health depend on us taking action and ensuring we are informed on what the real environmental dangers are and act on policy that accelerates them.