Civil Rights

What’s Happening?

The current social climate sees a return of the sentiment and action last felt in the 60’s, where popular consensus is increasing in support for action to protect groups and minorities who are systematically disadvantaged, discriminated and oppressed.

The current uprising suggests we are undergoing a point of inflection in the fight for civil rights. If you believe in equality of race, gender, religion, place of origin and ideology, the time to defend it is now.

The Issues

LGBT Rights



Among the divisive policies and ideology our President adheres to, “[he] has been a consistent opponent of marriage equality. He has embraced the nation’s most odious anti-LGBTQ law, North Carolina’s HB2, and put on the ticket Mike Pence, who has become the face of anti-LGBTQ discrimination after signing a bill to allow businesses to discriminate and deny service to LGBTQ people because of who they are or whom they love.”

We must do our best to protect the progress that has been made on LGBTQ rights, and ensure discrimination of any type is not systematically perpetuated by our legal system.

Minority Rights



The divisive anti-immigrant, exclusionist rhetoric used in the campaign, sometimes misguidedly represented as “nationalist” and the policies implemented that stem from that rhetoric are decidedly exploiting the fear and anger many Americans have, diverting the attention from the real issues America faces today.

We must do our utmost to ensure that the progress made to create a more inclusive society is not reversed, but continues to move forward.

Women's Rights




President Trump has been true to his word and has taken a clear stance against reproductive rights. He signed an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule, which bans international healthcare providers receiving federal funds from providing abortion care to women. 

The Trump administration has the lowest number of female cabinet members in 40 years. He has appointed two men to advise him on what women need in the workplace. 

It is clear that under a Trump administration there is little to suggest equality prevails and we have outlined some of the actions that we can take to ensure our voices are heard and everyone has a say in ensuring women’s rights are at the forefront of the agenda.